Seek n’ Seal® Acrylic - 120
Liquid Miracle Impregnant
Sealant ● Consolident ● Encapsulant


Seek n’ Seal is a two pack cold cure anaerobic acrylic sealant with a viscosity to mimic water, designed to seeking out and seal permanently unwanted, often inaccessible structural cavities that would otherwise harbour or allow undesirable liquid entrapment.

Seek n’ Seal impregnant can also consolidate and encapsulate against metal corrosion and weather/pedestrian erosion. Surplus surface contamination of impregnant simply evaporates leaving no trace.

Seek n’ Seal, requires no preparation, is odourless, non hazardous, low cost, no need for dismantling and providing weather proofing within 10 minutes of application. No need to tent (external applications), durable and permanent on curing. Seasoned decorative finishes remain unaffected.

Seek n’ Seal will starve the treated surface of moisture retention, thus removing risk for lichen and vegetation.


  • structural - preservation - historic
  • automotive - new - classic - vintage
  • marine - through hull and deck fittings -
  • general home DIY
  • engineering - thread locking - gluing/ sealing cracks/porosity in metal castings - corrosion protection
  • general hobbies, arts


  • drip - spray - pressure inject


  • large void can be pre- loaded with dry absorbent agent to retain impregnant e.g. Granulated host material - wood, metal - plastic - stone etc.
  • option to pre - assemble an item before applying the impregnant (gluing)
  • weather proof within 10 minutes of application
  • mecanically serviceable within 60 minutes of application

Suitability for use with:

  • wood ● metal ● carbon fibre ● plastic ● masonry ● glass ● ceramics ● composites cloth ● tissue ● cotton wool - anything absorbent!

An Invaluable, Exceptionally Versatile, Addition To Any Tool-Box.
Acrylic-C120 exclusive development of X-Seal Technologies UK.