How good is vacuum impregnation?

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Peter Young

Vacuum Impregnation (Batch Process) is the number one choice of today in spite of its considerable short comings: The primary problem is that there is no sure way of knowing whether the process was carried out correctly without employment of the US MIL test ring, The results of pressure testing can be unreliable as even poor processing can risk superficial sealing of the porosity. Debris contaminating the porosity can stop the impregnant from providing an effective seal. Unregulated application with contaminated ‘out of spec’ impregnant can be in service for years, filling the porosity with an unspecified impregnant – breaching the US MIL-I-17563C Standard: (only fresh uncontaminated impregnant may be employed).

The porosity having been exposed to liquids such as quenching oils, washing solutions and cutting fluids, the only sealing option is to use the impregnant as the test media, to automatically purge porosity free of contamination, at the same time correctly depositing a quality sealant. History has a habit of repeating itself as this was the regular method of sealing porosity in the1940s. Sealants have moved on from those days but still the application of internal pressure impregnation still remains relevant AcrylicT120 is such an impregnant suitable for use as a hydraulic media, providing a physical test for the component whilst getting the impregnation free. Relatively speaking, purged debris from the porosity goes to waste. Due to the small amount of test media in use, it also provides for a life cycle restriction of use before it is replaced. For more information:

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