‘Cold Cure C120’ & ‘Thermal Cure T120’

Also C120 Gel for 'stay put' and pressure injection applications
'Anaerobic ● Non hazardous ● Rapid cure ● Non staining ● Low shrinkage ● Unaffected by UV'

Marine Applications

Sealing leaks on yachts and boats

Self penetrating Liquid Miracle Acrylic C120 impregnant fills voids and encapsulates rot. Reducing moisture absorption makes it more difficult for the wood surface to support the growth of algae, a primary cause of slippery surfaces in wet weather. Liquid Miracle is great for sealing leaks on boats and yachts, including in the following areas:

  • Deck fittings
  • Window leaks
  • Skin fittings
  • Wooden decks
  • Seals rope ends
  • Keel bolt leaks

Marine Uses

Marine Uses

Seal and strengthens, deck fittings, windows, keel bolts – Rudder stock. All structural materials: GRP/Steel/Wood/Carbon fibre. No need for removal.

Liquid Miracle Case Study