‘Cold Cure C120’ & ‘Thermal Cure T120’

Also C120 Gel for 'stay put' and pressure injection applications
'Anaerobic ● Non hazardous ● Rapid cure ● Non staining ● Low shrinkage ● Unaffected by UV'

Hobby Applications

Fast glueing – Anything to Anything!

Hobbyist applications are endless. X-Seal’s Liquid Miracle can be used in a multitude of instances where you need to seal, strengthen, stick or encapsulate.

Due to its low viscosity, Liquid Miracle is able to completely soak the surfaces to be glued together, thus displacing any trapped air. This attribute allows Liquid Miracle’s unparalleled adhesion to most substrates. Air is often trapped when using thick, sticky glues, resulting in a weaker bond. Liquid Miracle Acrylic C120 is an effective self-penetrating glue.

Metal sculpture assembly

Metal sculpture assembly

No visible residue when cured

This beautifully modelled sailing dinghy, crafted in silver down to the finest detail, was produced by a renowned national dinghy champion. Seek-n-Seal Acrylic C120 was used successfully to glue the silver mainsail into a prepared slot in the mast and boom.

The artist said “It was the only adhesive that I found on the market that the resultant glue was not visible when dry. That was the primary reason for using it; all other glues I tried were visible upon completion”.

Liquid Miracle Case Study