‘Cold Cure C120’ & ‘Thermal Cure T120’

Also C120 Gel for 'stay put' and pressure injection applications
'Anaerobic ● Non hazardous ● Rapid cure ● Non staining ● Low shrinkage ● Unaffected by UV'

There are many ways to apply Seek-n-Seal

Seek-n-Seal is very versatile. Whilst sealing a leak within a structure, often the difficulty is knowing the actual point of entrance. One option would be to treat the whole of area and wait to see what happens – another would be to highlight areas that appear to be suspect (such as damp areas which are evidence of microscopic vegetation). This guide demonstrates various ways in which Seek-n-Seal can be applied.

  1. A large void leading into the substrate.
  2. Spray Seek-n-Seal direct onto the substrate with hand held trigger spray (can also be sprayed using a compressed air drench gun).
  3. Pre-fill voids that are too large to provide capillary retention of the impregnant. The filler can be anything of an absorbing nature (as opposed to cement) – fine silver sand is recommended. Alternatively, grind up some of the host material. Seek-n-Seal will soak and harden the filler. Horizontal voids can be pre-filled with cotton wool or similar.
  4. Mix and pour Seek-n-Seal onto the filler.
  5. Drip feed small quantities of Seek-n-Seal impregnant onto specific areas.
  6. Inject Seek-n-Seal with a hypodermic syringe via a metal probe direct into the substrate. This is a possible solution to displacing already water-logged substrate.
  7. Pre-fill horizontal cavities with cotton wool…
  8. Inject Seek-n-Seal using an hypodermic syringe/needle direct into the cotton wool filler.
  9. Save on screws. Fix a block of wood to an uneven substrate (such as a brick) using cotton wool saturated with Seek-n-Seal. Hold in place for 2-3 minutes whilst the sealant cures.

Applications Illustration

The Benefits

  • An impregnant (not a surface coating)
  • An invisible structural ‘preservative’
  • Application is – simply ‘search-n-seal’
  • A permanent seal: >20 years
  • Unaffected by solar radiation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Weather proof within 30 mins of application
  • Protection against frost damage spalling
  • Leak proof against rain penetration
  • Leak proof against a head of water
  • Appliable to most structural materials
  • Capable also of sealing large defects
  • Ideal for internal and external use
  • A British invention, manufactured in the UK